About Soul Rebel Tees


Hey hey! I’m Lisa, a Jamaican-flavored Black Woman Geek and tech entrepreneur. I love comfy graphic tees with a bit of attitude and a good #animememe. I design tees I want to wear (but can’t find).

Tallawah Tees? Wth does tallawah mean? Tallawah means ‘quietly powerful, not to be underestimated’ – as in “wi likkle but wi tallawah’ – a Jamaican saying that means, in essence, “I’m small, but try me and you’re going to have a really bad day.”

I appreciate your business and hope SRT becomes part of your geek life, too!

About me…

2D Crush: Gin-san and Captain Yami tossup.

Favorite Series: Gintama. Periodt.

OTP: Eruri. Fight me.

Head Geek @ Soul Rebel Tees

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